Penticton Parasail Adventures

Take a ride on our state of the art boats! We facilitate a dry takeoff & a dry landing, and a complimentary dockside pickup for resort guests.

Our customers continually return year after year...
This is due to having the most qualified captains in the Okanagan, as well as, the professionalism of all our staff and the safety precautions we take. We constantly moniter wind speeds and the Okanagan's weather to ensure that you not only have a fun ride but also, a safe ride. Rest assured a flight with us will banish any fear towards parasailing you may have!

  • No experience necessary
  • Ages 6 to 80
  • Doesn't require Running, Jumping,
    or Water-skiing abilities
  • No Beach Starts, Starts on the boat
    with a dry take off!
  • Over 28 Years of Being in Business
    & 53,268 Thrilled Customers
The Packages

Fly as a Single


Get lifted!
This is the best way to see the Okanagan. Look down on the beaches and other beautiful landscapes - Reaching way up high, with only you and your thoughts.

You will absolutely love the breathtaking view...

Fly as a Double

$71.43 Per Person

Like to chat?
This is a great way to share your flying experience with a friend. You will both be able to point out the sites, rather than just taking it all in by yourself. So if you want a flying partner, this is your package.

Fly as a Triple

$71.43 Per Person

The people spoke and we listened, all good things come in threes. For the people that delve into this crazy feat, rest assured that an experienced captain is exactly what you want and it is exactly what we provide. The kids will enjoy this option and no one has to be left out!

One more person to enjoy the flight with!

Photo Package


That is not the sound of the Ogopogo nipping at your feet, that's the sound of our photographer going Hollywood paparazzi on you. We will provide you with proof of your bravery to show off to friends and family.

Don't miss out on this photo op! It's well worth it



For the humble spectators who want to share the experience! Getting out on the water feels great no matter what - even if you are just down in the boat, watching the parasailers. Come enjoy the ride!